Engagement, Education Self-Empowerment: We work to improve the lives of black and ethnic minority youth living in Cleveland, Ohio.  DFLO is helping teens transition their lives in more meaningful and positive directions. DFLO emphasizes character development, academic achievement and social responsibility to reduce the risk of dropping out of school, substance abuse and future delinquency. 

DFLO's Core Values

The work of DFLO is guided by a belief in social justice and inclusion; by values rooted in equal opportunities for all minority youth, and in openness and respect for all diverse cultural identities in Cleveland.

Programs consist of 1:1 leadership counseling and advising that takes place in the students’ home and school environments. Parent involvement is required.

The Need for DFLO

DFLO addresses the needs of young inner city youth, with an emphasis on those from black and ethnic minority communities: we work to promote and create learning opportunities for youth from 12 -21 to gain the confidence, life skills, education and employability skills to participate better in social, educational, political and economic life.

Needed In Our Communities

Identifying and responding to the needs of youth from marginalized communities through the provision of quality resources, services and facilities in an safe environment.

Promoting active participation, leadership and education within  greater Cleveland.

Promoting the personal and social development of youth between 12 - 21 years of age through a holistic, person-centered approach.


Get in Touch...

DFLO acts as a channel of communication to help promote a collective voice for youth, particularly those from black and minority ethnic (DFLO) communities.